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Randy Lueth - bass

Randy's parents encouraged him as a musician early in life. He took piano, cello and trombone lessons during elementary school. While shopping for a new trombone in 1965 he saw a white Fender Jazz Bass hanging on the wall in the music shop. "Its was about the coolest thing in the world!". From that point on he knew that he really wanted to play bass. Randy continued on with the trombone through high school and played in the University of Minnesota marching Band.

In college, he had a buddy down the hall in the dorm that had a white Fender Jazz Bass that wasn't getting too much use. Before he left college he had played bass & trombone with the University of Minnesota Jazz Ensemble and also toured Minnesota and Wisconsin for two years with a Twin Cities based rock band. Those were some heady times when "Chicago" and "Blood Sweat & Tears" ruled the pop charts.

Since then Randy has continued on with the bass and trombone playing many genre's and varied venues. He played several years with the UW/Wood County Symphony and was also invited to play with the Jazz Ensemble. "A couple years ago I had an excuse to buy an upright bass and its been a lot of fun. Throughout the years that I have played bass I had always hoped to play in a small jazz group. I guess I'm there... and we're having a great time making music!"

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